• The Detachment Diary

The Men2paper Campaign

It's so easy to get caught up with the daily grind. Does eat, sleep, work, repeat sound familiar?

Taking the time out of every day to re-evaluate your priorities will not only lift a load but will identify what truly matters to you as an individual. I don't mean let's go splashing out on that dream car or quitting your job and travel the world. (unless you can afford to do so) I mean merely taking a pen and paper and writing down what's currently on your mind. What's holding you back? Why do I feel low, tired and stressed? 

Writing your thoughts can be done in a way that suits you; some prefer lists, others like random words across the page. However you do it, see it as a whole picture, what can you gain from doing this? Can simple changes create a huge impact? Is it as simple as turning that negativity into positivity? 

Time doesn't stop for anyone, especially military families during deployment. During the time you spend at home, it's essential to be the best version of yourself. This allows you to support your family, meet everyone's needs and most importantly creating new memories.

Your well-being is SO important. Self-care is NOT selfish. Joint calendars are a great way to allow families to make their plans while keeping everyone in the loop. Time with friends, alone, together, enough sleep and exercise are essential in keeping yourself energised, clear-minded and ready for the day ahead.

Your paper can be the first step in the right direction whether it's asking for some support, talking things through with a loved one, or a desire to clear the mind give the challenge a go and look forward to destroying your paper! You have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain!