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Welcome to The Detachment Diary, home of the diary to bridge the gap between you and a loved one on deployment!

Whether you are looking to jot down the important things from day to day life for a loved one, or documenting the milestones of your baby, The Detachment Diary will allow you to do so.

Never miss an important moment again.

Our Story


Welcome to The Detachment Diary. Brought to life in 2019, born from a couple who have experienced the feeling of deployment first hand. 


Why have we created our product? 

When we started feeling out of touch, we decided that we needed something that kept us connected but in a more traditional way. Speaking through FaceTime, text messages, emails and letters just wasn’t cutting it, we always felt restricted somehow. Time was also not on our side, as we never knew how long the deployment would last. 


After our son was born, deployment became even harder. Having not even celebrated his first birthday together, we knew there was going to be some milestones missed and that’s when we came up with the idea. 


We started off by bounding together a very basic design of a book and off it went on its first deployment, recording all the things we were missing out on. Back home, we had our very own version that we would use to keep track of all stuff baby, to keep our loved one in the loop. 


Upon his return, with diaries at the ready, we swapped. We were able to read all about the deployment and in turn, shared all of the adventures that we’d had back at home.


After taking some time, we were able to work on the design and introduce 2 more editions and just a year later we are ready to launch!

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