How many months are the diaries? 

The diaries are all 6 months with a 4 week reflection page


How many editions are there? 

There are 4 original editions and we now have a planner style!


What age suitability is the baby/toddler edition? 

0-3 years and 3+ for the children's edition


What makes these diaries different? 

The original diaries are handmade, whilst the designs have all been created specifically for detachment. 


How long will it take for me to receive my diary? 

As they're all handmade to order, production can take 1-2 days after receiving your order. Postage options will also determine the expected date of arrival.  



What size are the diaries?

The original diaries are A5. The planners are slightly larger to allow for the A5 inserts. 



How are the diaries made?

All the diaries are handmade using high-quality white 120gsm paper and 2 polypropylene covers. Our logo is hand foiled finished with a bronze bind. The new planners are factory manufactured. All printing is done in house here in the UK.